[su_youtube url=””]   [su_expand more_text=”Show More”] By completing this training you will become a Poison Prevention Educator for the Georgia Poison Center. The training is built on a foundation of epidemiological data; health behavior and health education theory; and adult and childhood education theory.  Experts in the field of toxicology, injury prevention and education assisted with the development. The training is designed to encourage the adoption of long-term behavior change, maintenance of a safe and healthy environment and to teach Georgians to identify poisons, prevent poisonings, and respond appropriately in poison emergencies. Goal: To prepare participants with the knowledge and resources to promote poison prevention activities (health fairs, presentations, etc.) in their communities in an effort to encourage Georgians to adopt safe and healthy poison prevention habits. The course consist of six modules:

  1. Introduction and Pre-test
  2. About U.S. Poison Centers and the Georgia Poison Center
  3. Understanding the Poison Problem
  4. Common Poisons
  5. Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Poison Prevention Activities in Your Community
  6. Post-test, Evaluation and Access to the Resource Center

Time Commitment:

  • The course is designed for you to complete at your own pace
  • There will be a pretest and post test, as well as quizzes after each section.
  • You must score 80% on the post test
  • Lessons must be completed in the order they are presented
  • After completion you will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to poison prevention materials and resources