Poisoning Statistics and Victims

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  • According to the CDC, unintentional poisoning is the leading cause of injury death for all age groups.
  • Over 2 million human exposure cases are managed by the 55 poison control centers every year.
  • On average, poison control centers receive an exposure case every 15 seconds.
  • According the Lewin Group, Inc. Final Report on the Value of the Poison Center System, poison control centers save Americans more than $1.8 billion every year in medical costs and lost productivity!

** It is important to note that many poisonings go unreported to poison control centers.  Instead of calling poison control centers, victims seek help at emergency departments and physician offices or remain at home without care.  As a result, the number of poisonings reported to poison control centers throughout the nation is not a complete picture of the poisoning problem.

  • More than 65% of exposure cases are managed at home/non-healthcare facility, saving millions of dollars in medical expenses.
  • While young children (less than 6 years old) make up a disproportionate percentage of the exposure cases, poisoning affects ALL age groups, from infants to seniors.
  • Peak poisoning incidence occurs in one and two year olds, but poisonings in teens and adults are more serious.
  • Across all ages, majority (76%) of the poison exposures reported to the U.S. poison control centers are unintentional.
  • Over 80% of all poison exposures reported to U.S. poison control centers were nontoxic, minimally toxic, or had at most a minor effect.

Pets get poisoned too.  Like children, dogs and cats are curious; they have the natural instinct to lick and chew.  Poison prevention guidelines for pets must be followed to keep them safe.