Georgia Poison Center Training Site

By completing the Poison Prevention Training you will become a Poison Prevention Educator for the Georgia Poison Center. We hope that after completing this program you will be well equipped to teach others about poisonings and what to do in a poisoning emergency.  Anyone living and/or working in Georgia is welcome to complete the course and utilize the online poison prevention resource center. If you do not live/work in Georgia, please contact your local poison center for available trainings and resources.

  • Introduction and Pre-Test
  • Lesson 1: About U.S. Poison Centers And The Georgia Poison Center
  • Lesson 2: Understanding The Poisoning Problem
  • Lesson 3: Common Poisons And Prevention
  • Lesson 4: What To Do In Case Of A Poisoning
  • Lesson 5: Sharing Poison Prevention Information With Your Community
  • Post-Test and Evaluation

This course has been approved for 8 credit hours for EMS and Firefighters.

If you have any questions please contact the Georgia Poison Center Education Department at 404-616-9235.

We appreciate your time and commitment.